Fudge with Cherries on Top

Fudge with Cherries on Top

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Life is about balance, which is why we paired two classic fudge-forward bars from Peru and Sierra Leone with a bright and fruity Madagascar.  All three single origin bars are carefully sourced from small-batch chocolate makers we love.

The Fudge

These bars are closely aligned with what most people think of when they hear "Chocolate".  The Dandelion Gola Rainforest bar is by far the fudgiest of them all, with the LetterPress Tingo Maria ending with some berry notes.

Dandelion Gola Rainforest, Sierra Leone 2017 Harvest 70%

This bar is the first in the USA to be made from Seirra Leone beans.  The growers of this cacao are dedicated to preserving the rainforest surrounding their farms. 

Tasting Notes

Molten chocolate cake, toffee, and cinnamon

LetterPress Tingo Maria, Peru 70%

This bar sources beans from the Peruvian state of Ucayali a region better known for the nefarious and illicit crop of coca (used for production of cocaine). LetterPress plays a part in helping grow the cacao farms of the region so we can all enjoy the much more legal and delicious chocolate capable of growing there.

Tasting Notes

Caramel, mocha, berries


The Cherries on Top

Does anything make chocolate cake better than fresh fruit to pair?  More chocolate that tastes like fresh fruit, of course!

Kyya Madagascar Single Origin 72.5%

Technically the darkest of all three bars in this box, it is the sweetest by taste while still keeping a balanced finish.  This bar rings true of the Madagascar tradition of fruit-forward chocolate.  We are excited for this to be our first feature from Kyya.

Tasting Notes

Cherries, apricots, raisins, red wine