creamy chocolate bars next to each other on a hard-grain cutting board

Bright, Creamy, and Subtle

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This box is the perfect mix of bright fruity bars and creamy (vegan) milk chocolate made with coconut milk.  Coconut milk chocolate is a magical mix that lets everyone enjoy a more subtle and creamy bar.  And if you're not vegan, don't worry - it just means you can share with more of your friends.

XocolATL Ripple Effect - LIMITED RELEASE

We were lucky enough to get our hands on this limited bar before it's gone forever.  The inclusions of dried cranberry, orange oil, and smoked cacao nibs makes this a truly unique and complex set of flavors.  Honestly, it's one of the best inclusion bars we've ever tasted.

Askinosie Ecuador Coconut Milk Chocolate Bar

This bar has heavy caramel undertones and is delightful to eat.  Askinosie is a torchbearer in the Craft Chocolate world and this bar showcases why.  It's manages to be complex without overpowering, light while still bringing flavor.  Oh, and it's totally vegan.

Madhu Coconut Milk Cashew Bar

Madhu's given us something delicious with this one.  The softness of the cashews match the subtlety of the coconut milk chocolate to make an easy-to-enjoy experience at any time of day.

Dietary and Allergen Information

This box is entirely vegan.  The Madhu bar contains cashews, and the two milk chocolate bars contain coconut, a tree nut.  People sensitive to either of these foods should avoid this box.