Bright and Fruity

Bright and Fruity

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This box comes with 3 personally curated bars from craft chocolate makers in California and Georgia.  The beans come from a wide geographic range: Madagascar and Belize.  

Why we love this box

This box is a great place to start because its approachable flavors of bright and fruity bars are constant crowd pleasers.

Belize Bars

This box offers two different maker's takes on the same beans from Belize.  Maya Mountain Cacao is a specialty supplier created for Craft Chocolate makers, and it is fun to see what each maker does with the beans.

Fun fact - Maya Mountain sits on top of an ancient Mayan Pyramid!

LetterPress Belize - Maya Mountain Cacao 70%

This bar is buttery smooth and delightfully fruity.  LetterPress played an important role in the creation of Maya Mountain when they contributed to their Kickstarter in 2014.  

Tasting Notes

Stone fruit, mocha, pepper

Dandelion Belize - Maya Mountain Cacao 70%

Sitting Dandelion's Mission District factory in San Francisco, the quality of their bars matches the elegant space where they create their wares.  We think this bar is amazing, and hope you do too!

Tasting Notes

Ripe pineapple, chocolate undertones, peaches and cream finish



Madagascar has a reputation for producing cacao beans that are fruity and acidic.  This comes from the climate where it's easy to ferment and dry quickly, which results in the natural acetic acid in the beans staying "trapped" more than other origins where a longer drying and fermentation allows acetic acid escape.

XocolATL Madagascar Sambirano Valley 73%

This organically grown bar rings true to its Madagascar roots.  This two-ingredient bar (cacao and sugar) will fool you into thinking there are actual raspberries packed into it!

Tasting Notes

Intensely bright red berries, cranberry, raspberry, smooth body


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