About Us

We want to share the work of the finest chocolate artisans in the world.  As travelers, we always make sure to support experts that place their passion in their product and local community. After visiting our first bean-to-bar Craft Chocolate maker in Colorado, it was love at first bite! Later, visiting more shops in California, Arkansas, Nevada, and Barbados we realized that we wanted to share our these amazing makers with the rest of the world.

We’re always blown away by each shop’s unique personality and the energy that the artisans put into their work. Please join us in celebrating their dedication and delicious product!


“Bartren” is the Middle English root of the modern word “Barter”. Choosing a Middle English word harkens back to a world of masters and apprentices, which maps to the feel of many of the shops we visit.


We are always looking to connect with chocolate makers interested in a partnership, and want to help connect the world with their great product. If that describes you, reach out to us at contact at bartren dot com.