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The Holiday Box

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The quintessential flavors of the season.  This box has an irresistible maple and sea salt bar, scrumptious orange-clove featuring real oranges, and a vegan white-chocolate peppermint bark that everyone will love.

 The Perfect Gift

This box has a wide range of flavors that are loved universally, especially during the holidays.  

XocolATL Peppermint Bark

This peppermint bark is made with almond-milk white chocolate and is 100% vegan.  That means it's delicious for everyone!  It has a nice subtle mint and great craft chocolate finish that can only be found from makers of this high quality.

Madhu Clove Orange Chocolate Bar

Madhu means "sweet" and our friends from Austin, TX have a treat for us with this bar.  There are real oranges thinly sliced, hand dehydrated, and carefully placed in this delicious mix of holiday spice and sweet orange.  The fudgy chocolate base provides the perfect medium.

Qantu Maple and Sea Salt Chocolate Bar

Hailing from Quebec, Canada, Qantu highlights one of the signature flavors of their home.  This bar won a silver medal at the International Chocolate Awards in 2019.  It's easy to see why with its perfectly balanced maple, salt, and soft chocolate palate.  This bar is amazing, and we think you'll agree!


Dietary and Allergen Notes

All bars in this set are vegan.  The peppermint bark contains almond milk so those sensitive to nuts should avoid this box.