Three single origin craft chocolate bars from Ghana, Vanuatu, and Peru on a wood surface.

Single Origin Craft Chocolate Exploration

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Single Origin Exploration

Travel the world with this box of single origin Craft Chocolate.  This box has ethically sourced cacao from Ghana, Vanuatu, and Peru.  Each bar has complex flavors ranging from fudgy to floral.


LetterPress Ghana Single Origin 70%

This bar is the definition of "fudge bomb".  We think it's THE bomb!  You'll be treated to flavors of brownie crust and graham cracker with this special bar.  Thanks to the Ghana Cacao Board, LetterPress secured the cacao beans at double the standard rate in Ghana to help pay farmers fairly.

Gaston Chocolat Vanuatu Single Origin 70%

This bar's dark appearance highlights its richness before it even reaches the tongue.  Deep chocolate undertones with a cherry and espresso finish.  This bar will have you second guessing if there are nuts added (there aren't!) with how complex it is.

Qantu Chuncho Peru Single Origin 70%

This bar won the Golden Bean Award given by the Academy of Chocolate in 2018.  It is one of the most complex pieces of chocolate we've ever tasted, and is a delight.  Floral and nutty notes jump at first melt and continue long after the bar is gone.  This is simply an amazing piece of chocolate.