three delicious craft chocolate bars featuring nut inclusions on a hard-grain cutting board

Go Nuts with Craft Chocolate!

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Want a little crunch with your Craft?  This box featuring makers from Vanuatu, Arkansas, and Austin is just what you need.  We like taking these bars with us on a hike due to their extra density, and because there is never a bad time for chocolate!  These craft chocolate bars with nut inclusions are as versatile as they are yummy.

Gaston Chocolate Caramelized Nangae Nuts n' Sea Salt

This is so much more than a chocolate bar.  Gaston Chocolate partners directly with farmers on the islands of Vanuatu to build a sustainable economy.  In addition to one of the most unique chocolate bases available, the inclusion of Nangae nuts native to Vanuatu makes this an exclusive experience.  This chocolate bar is unlike any other in the world.

Markham & Fitz Brain Food

Dark chocolate base with wild organic blueberries, almonds, cashews, and superfood powders is euphoric and delicious.  This inclusion bar is great on the trail, on the couch, during study hall, thinking about website copy, and well any time else!

Madhu Rose Pistachio

Madhu is inspired by traditional Indian desserts and this bar pulls in two commonly used ingredients - Rose and Pistachio.  Soft palate with the crunch of pistachio meets perfectly with their fudgy chocolate base.  This rose has no thorns, just bliss.  We also can't stop fawning over the beautiful packaging!

Dietary and Allergen Information

All items in this box are vegan.  All items contain nuts, so those that are sensitive to nuts should avoid this box.