Summer Update from Bartren


Thanks for being a part of Bartren

Hello Everyone!

We've been busy behind the scenes doing some heavy R&D, eating lots of chocolate.  It's a rough gig, but someone has to do it!

In a few weeks, we'll have a our first curated box available for purchase.  We're excited because it features our favorite chocolate we've ever tasted.  There are bars from Peru, Columbia, and Madagascar with flavor profiles ranging from fudgy to fruity.


What all is in these boxes?

We will a full experience in the box.  Included with the box are comments from the makers, some info about the regions, and extra care that your chocolate makes it to you safely in the Summer heat.  

What's next?

We plan to continue offering more boxes, and eventually a subscription and gift box service that will let you put your chocolate exploration on autopilot, and share the greatness of Craft Chocolate with your friends, work colleagues, and family.

Thank you from us at Bartren!

-Chris and Kristen


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